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Celebrating the work of our Nursing Team

Each year May is Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month. The focus of the month is to raise the profile of Veterinary Nurses and the career opportunities available in the profession.

Throughout May we’ve been taking a look at the work of our Nursing team and their role in providing exceptional care to our patients.

To illustrate the variety of roles within a Nursing team at a multi-disciplinary referral practice, the Nursing team at Southfields have put together short profiles explaining what their different roles involve, their careers to date and routes to becoming a veterinary nurse.

First up to share her story is Charlotte Fennell, Senior Internal Medicine Nurse at Southfields.

Meet the Nursing Team at Southfields Veterinary Specialists

Next, Anaesthesia Nurse Emma Benson describes her role, her route to becoming a referral nurse and what she enjoys most about nursing at Southfields.

Another member of our Anaesthesia team, RVN Charlotte Dyall, shares her career journey to date, her interest in Exotics and what she enjoys most about her role at Southfields.

RVN Shauna Marney works in our multi-disciplinary team and is interested in working more with Oncology patients.

Susan Keefe is a Senior Oncology Nurse at Southfields and cares for many of the patients who have to stay with us for a prolonged period while receiving treatment for cancer. Before moving to the Oncology team full-time, Susan worked within our multi-disciplinary nursing team as a rotating nurse.

RVN Lucy Kramer is a Senior Ward Nurse within our Wards Nursing team. Before joining Southfields she had experience nursing within the charity sector.

Ward Nurses at Southfields have an important job. Their role is to ensure that all the animals under our care have a comfortable and seamless recovery, helping them adapt to the effects of surgery, and managing and monitoring treatments.

Harriet Brown manages our night nurse and night Patient Care Assistant team.

Night nurses have an important role to play within the patient care and nursing teams at Southfields Veterinary Specialists. They ensure the continuity of a high standard of patient care from day to night and back into the day. They look after not only our inpatients but also aid in the admission of out of hours emergencies.

For more information about Nursing at Southfields and to see our infographics, which explain more about the different nursing roles available at Southfields, visit https://southfields.co.uk/veterinary-professionals/nursing-at-southfields/