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Our new Exotics service is led by Daniel Calvo Carrasco, an RCVS specialist in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine and a European Specialist in Avian Medicine and Surgery. Dan has 10 years of experience of dealing with exotic animals across the world.

We are the only exotic service in England to offer in-house radiotherapy. We encourage telephone calls from vets who require advice on the management of exotic cases.

We accept referrals for exotic pets, including the following animals:

  • Birds (including birds of prey, psittacine, passerine and others)
  • Domestic fowl (including hens, chickens, ducks and other fowl)
  • Reptiles (including tortoises, terrapins, snakes, lizards and others)
  • Mammals (including rabbits, ferrets and other mustelids, rodents, marsupials and others)
  • Amphibians (including frogs, newts and others)
  • Arthropods (including spiders, snails, insects and others)
  • Fish
  • Zoo animals (we can work alongside zoos in completing diagnostics/treatment)
  • Managing of zoological collections

Advanced clinical services include:

  • Referral service for all exotic species
  • Full multi-disciplinary support
  • Support established exotic services that may not have the expertise/facilities
  • Nursing teams trained in handling exotic pets
  • Export paperwork and pet passports

Equipment and facilities include:

  • On-site advanced diagnostic imaging, including MRI, CT, endoscopy and intra-operative fluoroscopy
  • In-house radiotherapy treatment

Patient case advice

We welcome all enquiries from veterinary professionals if you require pre-referral advice about a patient, even if no referral follows. Please use the Southfields VetHub or call us on 01268 564664

Making a referral

If you would like to refer a case, the quickest way is to complete our online referral form by clicking the button below.

If your case is an emergency, urgent or out of hours, please telephone us on 01268 564664