Diagnostic Nurses

March 28, 2022

Diagnostic Nursing is exciting, interesting, and fulfilling. Our nurses deal with everything from critically ill emergency cases, to routine follow-up radiographs (X-rays), as well as working with (and maintaining) specialised advanced diagnostic equipment.

What does a Diagnostics Nurse do?

1. Prepare

Our Diagnostic Nurses prepare equipment for patient procedures, including Radiography, CT, MRI, Ultrasonography and Fluoroscopy. Procedures vary from day to day in line with the different tests our Clinicians need to perform to reach a diagnosis.

2. Care

Working closely with the Head Nurses, discipline specific Senior Nurses and Clinicians, the Diagnostic Nurses assist with the daily organisation of the imaging caseload. Alongside our anaesthetists, clinicians and the radiology team, Diagnostics Nurses will care for their patient throughout the entire diagnostics journey.

3. Diagnostic

Diagnostic Nurses work alongside radiology specialists, assisting with and solely performing diagnostic procedures, such as CT, MRI, Ultrasonography, Radiography and Fluoroscopy, ensuring all images and studies are of a high diagnostic quality suitable for interpretation and reporting.

4. Monitor

Diagnostics Nurses will monitor and observe patients throughout their procedures, recording vital signs and clinical findings.

5. Maintenance

Images are backed up to an archiving system to allow them to be made available to internal clinicians and external specialist centres to aid patient treatment and diagnosis. The Senior Diagnostic Nurse supervises radiation health and safety, maintaining risk assessments and ensuring all clinical staff uphold the local rules set out by the Radiation Protection Advisor.

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