Exotic Pets

The Exotics service at Southfields Veterinary Specialists offers Specialist level care for all exotic species. We care for a wide variety of species including exotic mammals, reptiles and invertebrates, amphibians, birds and ornamental fish. 

A unique service

Within the environment of a multi-disciplinary referral hospital, our Exotics team are supported every step of the way by specialist colleagues in other disciplines, allowing us to deal with more complex cases. We are the only exotic service in England to offer in-house radiotherapy.

Supporting referring vets

We provide 24/7 Emergency and Critical Care for exotic species and can partner with first opinion practices to provide an out-of-hours service on their behalf. We encourage telephone calls from vets who require advice on the management of exotic cases. We can also work alongside zoos in completing diagnostics and treatment and can support the management of zoological collections.

How our Exotics service can help

Exotic species we treat, include:

  • Birds (including birds of prey, psittacine, passerine and others)
  • Domestic fowl (including hens, chickens, ducks and other fowl)
  • Reptiles (including tortoises, terrapins, snakes, lizards and others)
  • Mammals (including rabbits, ferrets and other mustelids, rodents, marsupials and others)
  • Amphibians (including frogs, newts and others)
  • Arthropods (including spiders, snails, insects and others)
  • Fish
  • Zoo animals (we can work alongside zoos in completing diagnostics/treatment)

Advanced clinical services include:

  • Referral service for all exotic species
  • Full multi-disciplinary support
  • 24/7 ECC service for exotic patients
  • Supporting established exotic services with expertise and access to facilities
  • Nursing teams trained in handling exotic pets
  • Managing of zoological collections
  • Advise and support local authorities with zoo licensing

Equipment and facilities include:

  • On-site advanced diagnostic imaging, including MRI, CT, endoscopy and intra-operative fluoroscopy
  • In-house radiotherapy treatment
  • On-site operating theatres

"Southfields Veterinary Specialists are life enhancers, central to their work ethic is maintaining the welfare of the animals treating them holistically with both dignity and respect. We cannot thank them enough!"

Susie & Callum Riches, Maylandsea