New Dedicated Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite
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At Southfields Veterinary Specialists, we’ve always been committed to achieving the best possible outcome for every cancer patient referred to us. Now that excellence continues, with the arrival of our new, dedicated Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite in our state-of-the-art, £16M, 42,000 sq ft veterinary hospital in Basildon.

It’s all part of our continuing commitment to provide the best available cancer care for our patients.

From having one of the largest teams of veterinary oncology diplomates in Europe, including two leading specialists double-boarded in oncology and radiation oncology, to offering some of the most advanced veterinary oncology and radiotherapy treatments in the UK, the new Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite at Southfields Veterinary Specialists offers patients the very best in dedicated cancer care.

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The Best Facilities for the Best Treatment

Our new Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite has been designed to provide one of the most advanced veterinary facilities for small animal cancer care in the UK.

Purpose-built facilities for radiation oncology treatment including:

  • Dedicated oncology patient prep room and LINAC patient prep room is located adjacent to LINAC so patients can be prepared for treatment with minimum stress and anxiety.
  • High-precision Varian TrueBeam® radiotherapy system with integral CT scanner for submillimeter patient positioning, RapidArc™ (VMAT) treatment delivery, remotely adjustable 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) couch and advanced respiratory motion management – enabling it to automatically adjust dose as patient breathes, meaning we can target with pinpoint accuracy tumours that were previously untreatable (lung tumours, body wall tumours, liver tumours, adrenal tumours).
  • LINAC Viewing and Control room

Plus enhanced facilities for all our Oncology patients:

  • Separate entrance and waiting area for outpatient oncology patients.
  • Two dedicated chemotherapy rooms with human standard drug preparation hoods and waste disposal units.
  • Dedicated ward for outpatients receiving courses of oncology and radiotherapy oncology treatment – cared for by our experienced Oncology nurses.
  • Each area of the new oncology suite is designed with serenity and tranquillity in mind – including calming music, pheromone therapy, soft bedding, mattresses and enrichment.
  • You and your pet will get to know their dedicated team over the course of their treatment.

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Leading the Way in Veterinary Cancer Care

  • Unparalleled expertise – the only UK veterinary referral centre with two full-time client-facing veterinary specialists in radiation oncology and the only European practice with two full-time double-boarded medical AND radiation oncologists
  • Cutting-edge technology – new Varian TrueBeam® radiotherapy system enables us to treat with pinpoint accuracy tumours previously considered untreatable and offer a range of advanced treatment options including 3DCRT (3D Conformal Radiation Therapy), IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy) and SRT (Stereotactic Radiation Therapy)
  • Purpose-built Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite – incorporates our chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment facilities all in one place, to ensure our patient’s visit is as stress-free as possible
  • Diagnostics Suite fully equipped with MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound – located adjacent to the Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite for ease of access for our patients
  • A truly multi-disciplinary approach to cancer care – our Oncology team works closely alongside Soft Tissue Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery, Anaesthesia and Internal Medicine specialists on cases which require specific expertise
  • Dedicated Oncology nurses experienced in nursing pets through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments.

“Huge thank you to the Oncologists and Nurses who took our precious boy Luca through his chemo treatment. He took the treatment like a warrior and the team reassured us each visit and we knew they were always at the end of the phone. He is now in remission and with regular checks on the lymph nodes with the team we know he is getting the best care we could have wished for.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting him through this.”

Luca's Owner