Eye care is no less sensitive an issue for pets than it is for humans, and sometimes even more so. Eye disease can be common among small animals and whenever it occurs, or show signs of occurring, moving quickly to understand causes and treatments is important. Southfields Veterinary Specialists provide the expert services needed to ensure a swift understanding of the condition and the best possible next steps.

Ophthalmology procedures for every condition

Eye conditions in cats and dogs regularly referred to us for treatment include corneal ulcers, conjunctival and third eyelid disease, glaucoma, uveitis, tumours and retinal diseases.

Our Ophthalmology service is supported by our advanced diagnostic and surgical teams and state-of-the-art equipment.

Supporting referring vets

We have a broad spectrum of interests in both medical and surgical eye conditions and are happy to help our veterinary colleagues with advice on any ophthalmic conditions. We always welcome the opportunity to provide guidance; with no obligation for onward referral.

How our Ophthalmology service can help

Every Ophthalmology consultation includes

  • Slit lamp biomicroscopy
  • Tear film evaluation
  • Neuro-ophthalmic examination
  • Chromatic pupillometry
  • Tonometry
  • Indirect ophthalmoscopy
  • Gonioscopy, ocular ultrasonography and electroretinography where required

Further investigations as required may include

  • Gonioscopy
  • Ocular ultrasonography
  • Electroretinography

Conditions we treat include

  • Eyelid and adnexal disease, including reconstructive eyelid surgery
  • Nasolacrimal disease
  • Conjunctival and third eyelid disease (including ‘cherry eye’)
  • Corneal disease, including SCCED, stromal ulceration, perforation, foreign body, sequestrum and endothelial degeneration
  • Refractory KCS
  • Uveitis
  • Glaucoma
  • Lens luxation and subluxation
  • Orbital disease

Our Ophthalmology Team

Through our Ophthalmology service at Southfields, we are able to treat conditions like corneal ulcers, conjunctival and third eyelid disease, glaucoma, uveitis and tumours. Supported by our multi-disciplinary team of specialists and clinicians, and nursing and patient care assistant teams providing 24-hour care, any ophthalmology patients staying with us receive constant and vigilant care and attention.

"From referral to insurance claim forms the staff have been informative and helpful, with a clear plan of treatment, honest, compassionate and caring towards us and our dog, Ruby."

Mr B, Stanford-le-Hope