National Pet Day

April 11, 2022

It's National Pet Day! We wanted to share this heart touching story with you from our Head of Nursing Nicola Barrigan.

“This is my handsome rescue dog Winston. We rescued him from All Dogs Matter 4 years ago. He had a chronic ear infection that resulted in major surgery to remove his ear canal and a vitamin deficiency, leaving him sad, painful, and 8kg underweight!

As you know, veterinary teams like cake! So, what better way to raise the funds to help All Dogs Matter fund his surgery than with a bake sale! He had his surgery with the amazing team at Goddard’s, Wanstead (shout out to Head Vet, Louise Worth!) and made a quick recovery!

Once he was feeling better, he has gone from strength to strength! He now spends his days stealing footwear for attention, looking cute in an eternal attempt to get some cheese or a near-empty yoghurt pot, charging round forests with his besties and snoozing on the settee! He’s had his first trip to the beach and will be coming camping with us in our vintage camper van soon!

My husband was going through a difficult time when we saw Winston on the ADM webpage, and Winnie was having a hard time in kennels. I’m sure that we were both in the right place at the right time and it has been a perfect fit (despite all his cheeky ways!)”

If you want to help rescue a pet there are many ways you can get involved.

Adoption – by adopting a pet you will be giving them a permanent loving home.

Fostering – when fostering a pet this means you will be providing the first steps for the animal to have a safe loving place to stay. This also means you are freeing up spaces and beds in shelters allowing space for more animals to be rescued.

Volunteering – Volunteering allows you to get involved in a way that suits you best, this could be helping with fundraising or helping at a shelter. Whatever suits you will be a huge help to any shelter.

Donating – Any kind of donation either a one-off or regular donation is a huge help to shelters and rescues.

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