A needle in a haystack

September 1, 2017

Meet Mollie, the gorgeous English Springer Spaniel who came to see our surgical team recently after being referred by Cherrydown Vets (like us, also part of Linnaeus Group) for a foreign body in the roof of her mouth.

Mollie had been taken to Cherrydown Vets for dental problems after getting a stick lodged in the roof of her mouth, which had then become infected. X-Rays were performed and the Cherrydown team discovered that she had a foreign body in the roof of her mouth.

Mollie came to Southfields for further examination and a CT scan was performed. A 2.5cm hypodermic needle was identified on the right caudal aspect of the hard palate (roof of mouth). Mollie was taken straight to theatre where Specialist surgeon, Esteban Gonzalez-Gasch, and surgical intern, Samar Riziq, successfully removed the needle.

Mollie recovered very well from surgery and was back to her very happy self in no time!