Bessie visits Southfields

December 12, 2018

Bessie was referred to Southfields Veterinary Specialists to visit Internal Medicine because she had lost weight, was panting more than usual, as well as drinking and urinating more frequently.

Several diagnostic tests were performed, but the most significant finding was seen on the CT scan of Bessie’s chest, where a long straight object could be seen in the lower portion of her chest.

Suspecting that this could be a foreign body, Bessie was taken to surgery and an 8-inch long kebab stick was removed from her chest!

After spending a few days with the amazing nursing team in hospital, Bessie returned home and is back to her normal self!

Bessie’s owners state that it is likely that she ate the tasty kebab during a summer BBQ. The surgical team believe that when Bessie ate the stick it perforated the oesophagus and migrated into the chest, where it remained lodged for some time.

No more BBQ’s for Bessie!