Dylis Has Surgery At Southfields

March 29, 2022

Dylis was initially referred to Southfields for further evaluation of suspected bilateral extramural ectopic ureters, responsible for her urinary signs (pollaquiuria, dysuria and urinary incontinence) after being observed for two months post-adoption.

Dylis had previously undergone a Computed Tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen and thorax back in November. This had raised a strong suspicion of bilateral extramural ectopic ureters.

Dylis received a preoperative urethrovaginography. This diagnosed the presence of one intramural and one extramural ectopic ureter. Dylis then underwent surgery with our soft tissue surgery team to re-implant both ureters. The left intramural ectopic ureter was re-implanted by neoureterostomy and resection. The right extramural ectopic ureter was re-implanted in the trigone via end-to-side neoureterocystostomy.

Dylis has recovered very well from her surgery. She is now fully continent. Her character is happier after we spayed her (ovariohysterectomy). She is happy, bright and eating very well.

Dylis’ owner had this to say, “I am so pleased with the care she received while at Southfields, Esteban was brilliant. She recovered so well and is such a happy girl now.”

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