An introduction
to Chemotherapy for Pet Owners

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An introduction to Chemotherapy for Pet Owners


During the initial consultation, an oncology clinician will examine your pet, then explain the course of treatment we propose and outline their therapy plan. The clinician will also discuss any additional tests that may be required before treatment commences. We create an individual treatment plan for each patient. 

Before each treatment takes place, your pet will have another consultation with their clinician to review their progress. 


Oncology patients are treated in our new, purpose-built oncology suite. During their stay, they will benefit from specially tailored ward areas and chemotherapy rooms. Each area is designed with serenity and tranquillity in mind – including calming music, pheromone therapy, soft bedding, mattresses and enrichment. You and your pet will get to know their dedicated team over the course of their treatment. 

Administering chemotherapy 

Most of the chemotherapy drugs we use are given into a vein. This requires a small catheter to be placed. We usually carry out chemotherapy treatments on an out-patient basis, so you will need to allow approximately 2 – 3 hours for your appointment. During your pet’s chemotherapy treatment, they will spend time with the oncology Nursing team and receive TLC and treats (as appropriate for their condition). 

Some drugs can be given at home as they are in tablet or capsule form. We will always provide you with advice about handling chemotherapy drugs and how to manage your pet while they are receiving chemotherapy. 

Blood tests 

Blood tests will be carried out before each treatment. 

Overnight stays 

Occasionally your pet may need to stay with us overnight. Your Specialist will discuss this with you, should an overnight stay be necessary. 


At discharge, you will see either your oncology clinician or an oncology nurse to discuss your pet’s treatment and answer any questions you may have. 

Oncology team 

The Oncology team at Southfields includes experienced clinicians and a dedicated Oncology Nursing team. During each visit your pet will initially see their clinician before meeting the Nursing team. 

Oncology Team