Living With
A Blind Cat

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It can be difficult when your cat goes blind. They rely heavily on their whiskers, hearing and sense of smell to help them adapt to their loss of vision.

Different cats will have different coping mechanisms, but there are a number of different ways you can help them adapt to their new way of life.

Tips and suggestions

  • It’s important to treat your cat the same as before and keep to the same, predictable routine
  • Avoid suddenly picking your cat up, this can be scary for them. Talk to your cat as you approach them to notify them of your presence
  • Avoid picking your cat up to ‘help’ them get to other areas of the house. Setting them down somewhere else could cause confusion
  • Remove hazards which are at their level such as electrical wires or sharp corners
  • Avoid moving furniture where possible, as your cat will map the area
  • Avoid moving their key resources eg. litter tray, water, food and beds
  • Create ‘cat corridors’ behind the furniture to allow your cat to move freely around the house
  • Avoid cleaning areas that your cat rubs on. This allows them to create a scent profile
  • Create an enclosed outdoor space so your cat can still have the stimulation of being outside in a safe manner
  • To help reduce stress you can use pheromone diffusers e.g Feliway or Pet Remedy

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