New Canine Cancer Therapy

May 20, 2015

Eurostars, the transnational programme that has a 1.4 billion euro budget to support research-performing SME’s to develop innovative products, process and services for competitive advantage, is backing the development of a new antivascular drug to fight cancer in dogs.

Ecrins Therapeutics the French-based pharmaceutical company lead by Dr Andrei Popov has teamed up with Swiss-based Animal Oncology and Imaging Centre’s Dr Barbara Kaser-Hotz and UK’s leading private Small Animal Cancer Treatment Centre, Southfields. Dr Susan North of Southfields is pictured to the left of Dr Popov and Dr Kaser-Hotz at the recent formal signing of the CADAC consortium agreement in Lyon.

Ecrins have already invested over 2 million euro’-s in this antivascular drug development and the Eurostar contribution will add a further 1.6 million euro’-s (£1.4m) towards testing and developing this new and exciting treatment option to come to the market in a few years time. The CADAC project started in April 2015 and is scheduled to run for 3 years.

Ecrins Therapeutics, AOIC and Southfields came 19th out of 323 Eurostars eligible applications, a long and complex procedure expertly managed by F-Iniciativas’s Lionel Arnaud. They are all now looking forward to working together and playing an important contribution to the improvement of cancer treatment in dogs in the not too distant future.