Shadow's journey with Southfields

April 13, 2022

Shadow presented to Southfields after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, which had caused a seizure.

Shadow had a large tumour which was characteristic of a glioma, the second most common type of brain tumour in dogs. The outcome after glioma treatment can be very varied, as there are different “grades” of tumour, with varying growth rates and levels of aggressiveness.

Shadow underwent 20-treatments of radiation, planned by Southfields Head of Radiation Oncology, James Elliott; a specialist in veterinary medical and radiation oncology. His owners were very committed to him, despite the fact that they lived on the island of Guernsey!

Happily, a few months after treatment, Shadow had a follow-up MRI scan which revealed a small fluid-filled sac where the tumour used to be, revealing an excellent response to treatment! Long may it continue!

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