Medicine Questionnaire

Internal medicine referral

Your pet has been referred to the Medicine department of Southfields Veterinary Specialists.

Veterinary Internal Medicine is the discipline which investigates and treats a variety of conditions including respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary and haematological disorders. Our Internal Medicine vets also work closely with colleagues in anaesthesia, cardiology, diagnostic emergency and critical care, imaging, dermatology, neurology, oncology and surgery to provide the best care. Our vets will treat your pet with compassion and keep you informed during their investigation and treatments.

New client information

Please do not feed your pet after 11 pm the night before the consultation unless otherwise stated. Exceptions include if your pet is diabetic, when we recommend you feed and give insulin at the same times as you would typically do so, and if your pet is less than six months old then please feed a small meal of soft food around 6 am. Please give your pet their medication as normal including on the morning of the appointment. Always allow your pet to have access to water before the appointment.

Items to bring to the appointment

  • Any medications your pet is currently receiving.
  • Bring a urine sample in a clean container. Ideally this sample would be collected on the morning of the appointment.
  • If your patient has diarrhoea or a breathing condition, then please also bring a faecal sample in a clean container.
  • A completed internal medicine questionnaire or this can be emailed to [email protected] in advance of the appointment (see below).
  • Please bring your mobile phone fully charged to the appointment and have your phone available at the time of the consultation.

What to expect from your pet’s appointment?

  • The vet will discuss your pet’s prior medical history and ask questions regarding the current main concerns you have about your pet. For the time being this will be via telephone while you are in the car park.
  • The vet will perform an examination of your pet and discuss possible investigation and treatment options
  • Non-urgent investigations may not be performed on the same day of the appointment. Your pet may need to be hospitalised or be asked to come back for some investigative procedures.
  • The team will only investigate the condition your local vet has raised concern about and which prompted the referral unless the is a specific reason to do otherwise.