We are committed to continuously investing in our facilities and equipment to enable us to provide the best clinical care for your pets.

Our new state-of-the-art referral hospital is now open!

Southfields Veterinary Specialists have moved to a new purpose-built, 42,000 sq ft referral centre. Our new referral hospital offers the very latest technology to deliver the best diagnoses and treatments possible for our patients.

Putting your pet’s needs first

Our new hospital has been designed in consultation with an animal behaviourist to ensure our patients’ visits are as stress-free as possible. We do all we can to minimise the anxiety that bringing your pet to see us may cause for you and for your pet. We have separate dog and cat entrances and waiting areas.

Our dedicated, cat treatment facility ensures that all feline patients receive care in an environment that is as stress-free as possible and includes a cat-only reception area, consulting rooms, wards, treatment rooms and an exercise area for in-patients. Find out more.

Separate reception and dedicated consultant rooms for feline patients visiting Southfields Veterinary Specialists.

For canine patients, our 171 kennels include spacious walk-in and supersized kennels which enable large dogs and even giant breeds, such as St Bernards, to be comfortably accommodated.

An isolation ward with separate entrance minimises the risk of spread of contagious diseases to other in-patients.

Spacious consulting rooms

Our 15 spacious consulting rooms allow the space and a peaceful environment for clinicians to take the time needed to perform thorough examinations of our patients and discuss their findings with you.

24-hour team to look after your pet

It is normal for pet owners to be concerned about their pet’s care at night and at weekends. We understand how you feel, not just because our team is trained to do so but because the majority of them are pet owners themselves. Our vets and nurses work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing the necessary monitoring and treatment of all patients. If the need arises, and with your consent, we can contact one or more of our specialist vets on emergency duty.

Dedicated Intensive Care Unit

Our intensive care unit (ICU) is fully equipped to enable the optimal care of patients. Incubators are available for cats and small dogs, and our kennels have oxygen outlets for providing oxygen therapy. When required, patient warming is provided either in an incubator or, for larger patients, on special medical-grade heated mattresses. We have state-of-the-art IntensoBox intensive care units – an incubator-style “life-saving chamber” with oxygen supply, temperature and climate control for the most critical of intensive care patients. There are numerous electronic multi-parameter monitors for obtaining continuous information on such features as blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood and the electrical activity of the heart (ECG).

MRI Scanner

Our MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanning equipment ranks among the most advanced available in veterinary facilities in the UK, and the imaging department is staffed by a highly experienced team; available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year in order to give the best levels of patient care.

CT Scanner

CT (computed tomography) scanning is a diagnostic tool used to look at various parts of the body especially those made of bone (including joints), air (including lungs and the nose), and some soft tissue structures, particularly those with a blood supply.


An endoscope is a small camera mounted on a thin probe, used to look inside organs which could otherwise be very difficult to inspect. A rigid endoscope is one which cannot be bent to go around corners, unlike a flexible endoscope which is often used to inspect the inside of the digestive tract (stomach and intestines).

Dedicated Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite

Our hospital includes a dedicated Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite with facilities and equipment providing some of the most advanced cancer treatments for small animals in the UK. The suite incorporates our chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment facilities all in one place, to ensure each patient’s visit is as stress-free as possible, with a separate entrance and reception area for radiotherapy patients.

Southfields Veterinary Specialists is one of only a handful of specialist veterinary centres within the UK to have a linear accelerator (LINAC) to administer radiotherapy in house. Our purpose-built LINAC building includes patient prep, viewing and control rooms and houses our new high-precision Varian TrueBeam® 120 MLC radiotherapy system.

The Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite also includes two chemotherapy rooms and a dedicated ward for Oncology out patients. It’s located adjacent to our cutting-edge diagnostics suite for easy access to MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound.

Find out more about the new Suite.


New Oncology and Radiotherapy Suite at Southfields Veterinary Specialists offers advanced cancer treatments for small animals

On-site diagnostic laboratory

Southfields Veterinary Specialists provides a comprehensive laboratory service for blood tests, urine analysis and cytology. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities enable our clinicians to make the right decisions, and enable them to act swiftly when time is of the essence, such as in emergency situations.