Meet Jäger

Charlotte Dyall

Anaesthesia Nurse


Jager is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is 10 years old and was rescued when he was 16 weeks old by our Anaesthesia Veterinary Nurse, Charlotte Dyall.

Jager loves chewing and destroying his toys. He has a blue bone which has been his favourite for years. Charlotte has tried replacing it, but he always prefers the old one.

Jager always waits for a piece of fruit or vegetable when Charlotte is feeding their guinea pig. He is a big fan of carrots but is a good boy and eats his greens.

Charlotte's favourite thing about Jager is always knowing when something is wrong. If anyone is feeling sad, he will always be there either just having a cuddle or bringing you his toys to share.

Jager’s special trick is a high five! When Jager gets excited he tries to bark with a toy in his mouth. This makes him sound like a very big dog when he isn’t!