Meet Kien

Grace Oldham

Anaesthesia Nurse


Kien is a 4-year-old Domestic short hair cat. She belongs to our Anaesthesia Nurse, Grace.

She was rescued at 5 weeks old after being brought in as a stray with a head trauma.

Kien loves catching spiders, which Grace finds very handy, but she likes bringing them to show Grace, which she doesn't enjoy.

She loves cotton buds and cheese. She even knows the sounds of the cheese grater coming out of the cupboard!

Kien was rescued when she was very young and doesn't quite know how to "cat". She is terrible at a lot of typical cat behaviours. Grace's favourite is watching her hunt leaves, she is very proud when she catches one!

Kien is very polite and won't eat any food unless it's placed in her bowl.

Kien always knows when Grace is poorly and will give her lots of cuddles and won't leave her alone.