Meet Loki

Amber Cooke

Ophthalmology Nurse

BSc BVS, RCH, ISFM Cert Feline Nursing, RVN

Loki is a Pharoah hound who was born in February 2021.

Loki belongs to Amber our Ophthalmology Nurse who has had him since July 2021.

Loki’s favourite toy is a tug toy, he loves running and playing with other dogs.

When Loki is in a playful mood, he will put his head between his legs and chews his back legs.

Whilst loki doesn't know any unusual tricks, he has passed his foundation and bronze award in obedience. Amber is hoping to start agility with Loki by the end of this year.

Amber’s favourite thing about Loki is his personality and of course his fantastic ears.

Loki’s best friend is a sphynx cat at home but shh he has to pretend to his other hound friends that he doesn't like cats and that he doesn't sleep with him every evening…