Meet Russell

Emma Benson

Nurse team leader – training development


Russell is a domestic short hair cat who is owned by Emma Benson, our Nurse Team Leader – training development.

Emma adopted Russell in October 2019 after he was found as a stray with a broken leg. The leg had to be amputated and now he lives happily on three legs!

Russell loves Sunbathing, chilling in the garden, sleeping in bed with Mum and Dad – anything that involves being horizontal… but most of all eating Tuna!

A fun fact about Russell is he has a taste for human food – something he probably picked up from his time on the streets as a stray. We found this out within the first week of having him, whilst relaxing in the lounge we were greeted by him dragging half a pizza across the room. Keeping breakfast, lunch, and dinner out of reach has now become a daily game.

Russell is an escapologist, and always knows when a takeaway is at the door before the delivery driver knocks!

Russell is always looking for a lap to sit on and is very affectionate and cosy.