Meet Wozzle

Megan-Hope Sullivan

Patient Care Assistant

L3 Subsidiary Diploma in Animal Management

Wozzle is a 5-year-old black-headed caique, who is owned by our Patient Care Assistant, Megan-Hope Sullivan.

Megan has had Wozzle since June 2021. However, she has known him for more than 2 years as she regularly volunteered at a rescue centre when Wozzle was from.

Wozzle loves going for walks, listening to rock music, attacking feet (and laughing about it), cuddling in Megan’s clothes and throwing his fruit around the room!

His favourite toy is his foraging ‘popcorn’ bucket as it’s always full of treats and lots of fun crinkle paper that he can make a mess with!

Wozzle has a set of communication cards and can communicate his feelings and preferences on many different subjects, such as genres of music, colours, food and reading books.

Megan said: "Wozzle is a lovely boy and he makes my life so much brighter! But be under no illusions- parrots are very hard work and many have behavioural issues! All his naughtiness is worth it in the long run though - he is my best friend.”